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Hi, I'm a former middle school teacher and computer programmer who enjoys writing educational games. Above is a picture of me with the Graph Mole from my (x,y) coordinate graphing game.

I tried my hand at making songs but found that my ability to write lyrics exceeds my ability to compose a tune and greatly exceeds my ability to sing. So I gave up on making songs and now am writing instead. :)

My first writing attempt is Bittersweet Apple, a sci-fi short story. I tried to copy the conventions from "The Science Fiction Century by David G. Hartwell". It's a nice piece of old school sci-fi, but I quickly discovered that there is no market for 1940's style sci-fi anymore.

So I re-educated myself by reading modern sci-fi short stories like those in the
Writers of the Future anthology and F&SF magazine. Newly armed, I started what I thought was another 2500 word short story. Turns out it's a novel and I'm about halfway though now at 40,000 words :).

I sent in the first 7000 words of my novel as a "short story" for the Writers of the Future contest and got an honorable mention for the second quarter of 2018! That is so cool. I guess I have finally figured out how to write like it is 2018, :). (Awesome contest BTW - if you are a new sci-fi or fantasy author you should totally enter.) I've been writing everyday since NaNoWriMo started Nov 1, 2018 and hopefully will finish my novel in a year or so! We shall see.

-Sulan Dun

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