Technical support tips for Quiz Maker

Support tips for playing the quiz

  1. The quiz will not work unless the user is using Internet Explorer as it relies on vbscript which is only supported by Internet Explorer.

  2. If you are using Internet Explorer and nothing happens when you click the buttons, then you need to tell Internet Explorer to allow the game to run script. Look near the top of Internet Explorer for a message saying "To help protect your security, Internet Explorer has restricted this file from showing active content that could access your computer. Click here for options...". Click the message and pick "Allowed Blocked Content". Then "Yes" on the dialog box to allow the active content, then try the "Start Game" button again.

Support tips for saving the quiz does not validate or save your generated quiz. To save it, you have to
  1. Pick "Save" from the File menu
  2. You see a message saying the Web page may not save correctly. Save it anyways and give it a nice name like "quiz.htm"
  3. Then take the file you saved and move it to where you want it. For instance, you can upload it to your own homepage (ex. http://myschool/MrsSmith/quiz.htm). Or put it on a file share (ex. \\myschool\MrsSmith\quiz.htm). Or put an individual copy on the machine in your classroom (ex. c:\myquiz\quiz.htm).
  4. You may modify your quiz anyway you like (such as making money from it by putting ads on it - to apply to put Google ads on your site, click on the Google ad graphic at the bottom of Please retain the fine print at the bottom of the page concerning as that helps support providing the Quiz Maker for free.
The quiz maker is an authoring tool intended for adults. The content you entered remains your own and is not stored or published by If you are not an adult and want to use this tool, you must ask an adult to approve your quiz before creating it.

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