Pizza Quiz

Are you a pizza master?

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1. Pizza is a __________ industry in the U.S.

    $17 million
    $268 million
    $20 billion
    $32+ billion

2. How much pizza is consumed in the U.S. every second?

    0.5 slices (0.25 pounds)
    18 slices (9 pounds)
    46 slices (23 pounds)
    298 slices (149 pounds)

3. In which country are eel and squid popular toppings for pizza?

    Costa Rica

4. America's favorite pizza topping is ___________ (on 36% of all pizzas ordered)

    Extra cheese

5. How many pizzas are sold in the U.S. each year?

    20 million
    167 million
    1 billion
    3 billion

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